Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Bling, Or Not To Bling

This one is a bit over bling, has sharp corners and is far from simple, but it's so beautiful!
This is more of what I am really looking for....small Swarovski crystals set all the way around the necklace....
I like this too, but I'm not too sure about the pearls with it...........
....and another favorite. Simple and delicate, even though the Swarovski crystals don't go all the way around.

Do I want To Wear A Necklace?

I know that for sure I will wear earrings, but I'm not quite sure about a necklace. You see, I have a bit of a short neck and I'm afraid it will make my neck look even shorter if I wear a necklace. Especially since I plan on wearing my hair down. You know what I mean?
I guess I really won't know until I put them on together.....but if I do decide on wearing one, the styles above are what I would like. I love Swarovski crystals!

I hate my short neck!

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