Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Of My Wedding Favors at 14 Cents A Piece!

O.K., so this is one of the wedding favors I will be using for my wedding. As I've said before, we are on a very strict budget and I bought these plain bubbles from Dollar Tree. They were 12 to a box for $1.00. So I bought 7 boxes. ($7)
The ribbon was .50 for a 6 yard roll on sale from Michael's. I cut the ribbon every 12", so each roll made 18 ribbons. So that would be about 5 rolls ($2.50) to complete 84 bubbles. Then I made little thank you tags on my computer. I bought plain white cardstock (75 pages for $2) at Big Lots which is way more than enough paper!
So let's see what that comes out to for 84 decorated and personalized bottles each.
$7 + $2.50 + $2 = $11.50 Now, we divide 84 bottles into $11.50, and that gives us.....drum roll please........
.14 each bottle! Fully complete!
Now that's a favor I can afford! This will not be the only favor I have on my tables, but I will share the other(s) with you later when I take some better pics. The ones I have on my computer are a bit blurry.
I'm not 100% on the guest list yet either, but I may have to buy one more box of bubbles. But at this kind of pricing, I don't think it will break me.

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