Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One of the BEST Deals Ever!

I can't believe this streak of luck I've been having lately! And believe me, I am not the lucky type at all.
What are these you ask? Well, let me start from the beginning. Last week I was looking on Craigslist for any super duper deal I could find on wedding stuff ( I do this daily). I had BEEN looking for some linen napkins, as my reception venue is a city community hall which provides only table, chairs and kitchen. I already bought my linen table cloths, and was originally planning on "like linen" napkins because of my budget. I mean, just to RENT napkins is about .75 a piece! For a hundred people that's $75! I don't know about you, but $75 for just something to wipe your mouth on???
Well, anyways....since I ended up buying my table cloths for a really great deal, I figured I would keep my eye out for linen napkins, and if I found some at a great price, score! If I didn't...c'est la vi.
OK...well as I was saying.....I saw this ad in Craigslist for linen napkins to BUY for .15 each! This was a rental company making room for their new stuff. I immediately called them and asked what colors they had. The called me back later that day with her list of colors. No purples....bummer. No white, no silver. Nothing that would match my theme. I was very sad. This was on Thursday. The weekend went by in which this company was having their last "customer" day, where customers could actually come by and physically see all the inventory. Saturday only from 8 am-1 pm. Then came Monday. I was still really bummed about my loss, and thought, "what do I have to lose by calling again to find out what colors they have left?". So I called. She said she would have to get back to me. Then when she did, the first color she said was Amethyst! I was like.....what? Amethyst? Really? How many do you have left? 100? I'll take them! Woo-hoo!
It's Wednesday and I have them in my hot little hands.....and guess what? They charged me .10 a piece! My total to BUY...yes BUY.....100 linen napkins.... was $16.85.....and that's with shipping already included. Now that's what I call a SCORE! And they are in PERFECT condition. Washed, packaged in groups of ten and ready to go.
And I know I can make all my money back after the wedding, and probably even some extra. But the bottom line is, when all is said and done, these napkins will have been free!
That's my fabulous happy ending story.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can't Believe I Won The UPrinting Contest!

So yeah....I'm in total shock and disbelief. Me? Lil ol' me?
And then there's deciding exactly what I want to do with these cards. Hmmmm.....

Well, thanks Bride On A Budget and UPrinting!

A DIY Snap Station....How Cool!

I saw this project and said, "Wow". What an awesome idea. I won't be doing this exact project, but what I was originally thinking of doing as far as cameras go, was to put several cameras on each table. But this project is having me consider putting all the cameras on one table, and making a large sign similar to the one in the pictures.
I really love the look of the variety of vintage cameras, but again, I will probably just get the regular disposable 35mm wedding cameras that you can get at The wedding channel store on sale for like $2.50 each.

For this project, she labeled each camera with the brand, a little info and/or what effects it has.

All photos by: Jess Epstein
DIY Snap Station creator: Hillary Burgess

Isn't it just so original?
Are you having cameras for the guests at your wedding? If you are, how will they be displayed?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thrift Store Flower Basket

Yet another score on an amazing find at my local thrift store! Looks new and only $1.95! Yeah! And it's in my colors.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Alternating Centerpieces

I previously posted my glass heart floating centerpieces, but now I will show you the alternating (every other table) centerpieces. I got these from Martha Stewart (she's so awesome!).

I've gotten my supplies, but haven't actually made one yet. I will post a picture of one actually made by me once I make it. But aren't these heavenly? And really easy to make. You can get the frames from Dollar Tree (which is what I did). And I got mine in silver so I wouldn't have to paint them. Yay...even cheaper!
Here are the directions for anyone who's interested (courtesy of Martha Stewart):

Photo Centerpiece How-To
Disassemble three like-sized frames, setting aside their fronts and discarding their backings. Paint or stain wooden frames desired color; let dry. Upload or scan photographs into a computer. With editing software, make the images black and white, and resize them to fit your frames. Print them onto vellum paper with an ink-jet printer. Slip the images into the frames. Using cloth tape, hinge frames together to form a triangle. Stand frames around a candle in a protective glass holder.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Fab Find At The Thrift Store!

I went browsing the thrift store by my house yesterday, when I stumbled upon these beautiful treasures. Intricately wired ornaments that latch shut. They were 12 for $ about .25 a piece. I bought a total of 48. There are just so many possibilities for these things! AND they match the little baskets I previously bought from this same store.
See! They match pretty well. (I still haven't painted this....)
I made some paper tissue pom poms to see how they would look dangling inside the ball.....I think they look absolutely perfect. I can hang them from the back of guests chairs (but I'd have to go buy more NOW, before they're gone)...I could string them and drape them across different areas (like above the cake table), I could hang them from the pews down the aisle, and I could also hang them in the various trees in the reception courtyard (or along the walkway entrance of the courtyard). So many possibilities!
But whatever I end up doing with them, I will be sooo happy that I found them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Make an Edible Dried Fruit And Chocolate Bouquet

Great centerpiece idea! Click on image for video instructions.

More DIY Favor and Centerpiece Ideas

A mason jar filled with cookie mix, hot cocoa, cappuccino mix..........or
.......... filled with lemonade or limeade mix...... I love it!
Can you believe it? Jello centerpieces? What a unique idea. If you like this idea, here are directions on how to make it. I got this picture and directions from Wedding Obsession, but I guess it originally came from Rachel Ray.

- Combine six boxes of Jell-O powder in half the amount of water specified (to get a more vibrant color).
- Chill the mix in your choice of vase for approximately 30 minutes.
- Push the flowers into the semi-firm gelatin.
Handmade fortune cookie favors. I really truly love this idea....(brainstorming)
What you will need:
  • a 5 inch square of cotton fabric for the outside of your cookie
  • a 5 inch square of felt for the inside
  • a circle to trace, one with a diameter of about 4.5 inches (I use an old paint can)
  • pinking shears
  • a slip of paper, about .5" by 2.5" for your fortune
For full instructions from Lady Harvatine click here.

Various cans for flower vases.
This is one I've never seen lovely.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ring Bearer.... Book?

I absolutely LOVE this creative and unique idea that I came across at 100 Layer cake! And how simple is that to make? A book, an exacto, ribbon and Wa La! It's genius I tell you!
I'm going to have to try and incorporate this into my wedding....well, maybe. I tend to want to incorporate EVERYTHING I come across into my wedding. Yes..... like many other brides-to-be, I have become addicted to weddings. I mean, who DOESN'T want to become a wedding planner after planning a wedding for yourself? It's just don't want it to ever end.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Wedding Rules-From the knot

Good-to-know wedding rules that have been updated from "old school" to "now". This is a new article from the knot.

1. Old School Rule: The bride's parents pay for the wedding.

New Rule Every couple funds the festivities in different ways. Maybe your mom and dad want to pay for every single thing, but, unlike in the past where the bride's family was expected to foot the whole bill, they're in no way obligated to now. Grooms' parents and the couples themselves chip in nearly as often as brides' parents do. It just depends on your family's situation. If you'd like your fiancé's parents' help, your husband-to-be will need to ask for it—not you, and certainly not your parents. Just remember: Whoever pays gets a say. If you know your mother-in-law will insist on an in-church ceremony if she contributes and you've got your heart set on exchanging vows on a sandy beach, you may be happier cutting your guest list than asking her to contribute anything.

2. Old School Rule: You must invite everyone with a guest.

New Rule If they'll know others, skip the plus-one. It's still polite (and very appreciated!) to invite guests' significant others, but if you're inviting a group of coworkers, for instance, and two or more of them are single, they should have no problem attending solo. Only when guests won't know anyone aside from the couple is it mandatory to let them bring a date. It's kind to invite attendants with guests too (they are shelling out big bucks for their attire!).

3. Old School Rule: Your registry should consist entirely of housewares for your new home.

New Rule You can register for anything from honeymoon hotel accommodations to skiing equipment. Guess what, Grandma? Lots of couples live together before they get married and may have all of the towels and blenders they'll ever want. You can request upgraded versions of home items you already own, but nothing should stop you from creating a honeymoon or otherwise "untraditional" registry. These are your gifts, and you need to be happy with them! If you're inviting a few Internet-less guests, including items from a brick-and-mortar store they can actually get to will help prevent a buildup of unwanted presents. But you should feel free to include a ping-pong table for your basement or the complete Sex and the City DVD collection on your wish list if you can't use yet another kitchen appliance. A word of caution: Some of the older folks think that they know what brides and grooms really need, so they may get you an iron even if you haven't requested one.

4. Old School Rule: You must wear a white gown.

New Rule Wear whatever you want! Sure, most brides go the white or ivory route, but for your wedding day attire, anything goes: from a cute cherry red flapper dress to a silver, slinky sheath to a (gasp!) black pantsuit. As long as you feel fabulous in your outfit, it can be any color or style. You can even skip the veil! Warning: Your fashion choices may wind up shocking your older guests, especially the ones who equate wearing white with "purity." If you'd prefer that your look pleases the crowd but aren't willing to go totally traditional, try working in a hint of color via a dress sash, your shoes, jewelry or a hair accessory.

5. Old School Rule: Your mom can't throw your shower.

New Rule Anyone can throw your shower! People used to think it was rude for the bride's mother to host a party where the sole purpose was for her daughter to get gifts. Other close family members, like sisters, were similarly forbidden from hosting. We didn't get this then, and we don't get it now, and luckily, today's mothers of the bride are ignoring the passé etiquette. In some cultures and regions of the US, like Italians in the Northeast, the mother always hosted her daughter's shower. So encourage your mom to throw yours if you think that she wants to! Your bridesmaids may be itching to throw a shower for you too, so make sure that they coordinate with your mom before they make any definite plans.

6. Old School Rule: You have to have a rehearsal dinner.

New Rule You can skip a rehearsal dinner. When couples lived separately before they got married and engagements were a few weeks long, not a year or more, the rehearsal dinner was the first time both sets of parents could meet. Since the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom would be responsible for introductions at the wedding the next day, they needed to see each other first! Having a rehearsal dinner is still smart when your and your fiancé's parents aren't acquainted, but if there's no time or room in the budget, then it's okay to skip it, especially if your ceremony rehearsal has to take place on a weekday or minutes before your actual wedding. It's nice to treat out-of-towners to a welcome meal, or you can just gather your closest local friends and family for a prewedding dinner, but neither is required. Ask anyone who tells you otherwise if they'd like to plan and pay for it!

7. Old School Rule: The first time you see your groom on your wedding day should be at your ceremony.

New Rule You can spend every minute with your groom before the ceremony. We promise that it's not bad luck if your fiancé catches a glimpse of you in your gown on the wedding day (or even before it, but why not surprise him if you both can hold out?). In fact, many couples who decided to wait until the ceremony to see each other would've preferred to have the inevitably emotional experience in private rather than in front of all of their guests. Photographers are happy to capture the moment you first see each other before the ceremony, so take photos then. That way, you don't have to miss your cocktail hour.

8. Old School Rule: Ceremony seating is based on a bride's side and groom's side.

New Rule Guests can choose to sit wherever they want! It used to be that guests of the bride sat on the left side at the ceremony and guests of the groom sat on the right. Even now, plenty of your guests will go by this guideline to find their seats. But if your fiancé's family is huge and yours is tiny, your ceremony will look a little weird if most people are seated on the right side. And at Jewish weddings, the sides are flipped anyway! (Gotta love when everyone winds up on one side at an interfaith wedding!) If you're having ushers, ask them to direct your VIPs, parents, grandparents and the like to prime seats toward the front of either side and instruct your other guests to sit in any open seat. No ushers? No problem. Place a sign in the area where people pick up their programs and have it read, "Sit anywhere you like!" That'll send the message loud and clear.

9. Old School Rule: You must walk down the aisle.

New Rule You don't have to walk anywhere! Perhaps you're a flats-wearing gal and your trip down the aisle may turn into a real trip in your wedding day heels. Or maybe you'd prefer to skip all the hoopla that's associated with that long walk. Whatever your rationale, it's your prerogative. Your groom is already going to be up at the altar; why can't you be too? Who says that you have to have a processional at all? Yet, for Jewish weddings, it's strongly suggested that brides (and grooms too!) walk down the aisle. That's because they each make their way to the huppah with both of their parents. If you want to skip the walk but still want to honor your mom and dad, present them with flowers or other gifts during your ceremony.

10. Old School Rule: You have to leave for your honeymoon right after your reception.

New Rule You can go on a honeymoon whenever you want. Heading straight to your honeymoon sounds romantic, but it can be a logistical nightmare. Think it over: You'd have to lug your luggage from the ceremony to the reception and keep your passport and plane tickets in a safe place the entire day. But even if you're the queen of organization, you'll be so exhausted from your whirlwind day that you'll want nothing more than to just veg out for a while with your new husband after the wedding. And that's okay! When you take a honeymoon is entirely up to you two (and maybe your boss a little bit). No matter if you leave the day after or the year after, it'll still be the wonderful, well-deserved vacation you always imagined it'd be.

Planning to break a few rules? Share your ideas at

-- Meredith Bodgas

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My DIY Wedding Thank You Cards this project was a bit time consuming, but I think it was worth it.
I'll give you the rundown on how I made this:

(1) I sketched a cartoonish picture of us by going to some other sites to see how they did cartoons of people that I thought looked similar to us.

(2) I scanned the sketch and saved it as an image. I then opened it with Windows Paint to color it in.

(3) Painting it was the most time consuming. Not easy to color inside the lines using my mouse as navigation......but I finally finished it.

(4) I then used a collage application in Picasa to put 2 pictures together side by side to make the front and back of the card.

(5) All that was left was to add words of sentiment to finish the product. I haven't printed this card out yet, but that's next. I think when I print it out on my printer, it won't be as brilliant a color as it is here. I'll print it soon, and then publish the result.

So....what do you think? Is it ok, or kinda childish looking? I was looking for a happy, fun look.

Our "Well Wishes" Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

This what I decided to do with this

free 8 x 8 picture book from Shutterfly,

since I had already purchased my

guest book several months ago.

I added a few blank pages

at the back of the book

so that our guests could leave us their

well wishes, words of advice, or whatever

else they would like to jot down.

Now, I'm just waiting for it to come in the mail!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Love These DIY Fan Programs!

I so totally love these DIY fan programs that I came across at Aylee Designs. But alas, 'twas not meant to be. I downloaded the FREE template (woohoo! I LOVE free!) and ran it across the Mr.
He said they were O.K., but liked the layered sample program I had made a few months back. ((sad face) )
Oh well........maybe next time.....(you know I'm joking right?)
So here it is for YOU my friends, if you find it as adorable as I did. My loss....your gain. Aylee will also do them for you if you're not the DIY type. So head on over there....she's gots lots of other FREE templates there too! (did I mention I LOVE free?)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look What I Made!

Well, o.k., not actually made, but printed up.
When I first started looking up wedding stuff to get ideas, I saw water bottle wraps and thought it was a really cute idea. I kept the idea saved in the back of my mind, not knowing whether we would have water bottles at the reception. Well, I think we've decided we will. And before I could begin looking for a template to use, Pink Avenue Bride posted one in her blog. Thanks P.A.B.! You can click on her link if you'd like the free download for yourself.
Here's a closer look at the "nutrition facts" portion of the label. The pics came out a little blurry, but you can see it better if you click on the pic to enlarge.
The next pic is the front of the label where you can personalize yourself by adding your own monogram, picture, or whatever else you can fit into this space.
The next pic shows the cute little saying on the barcode. 4 ever frm 2day! sweet.
And of it is double stick taped onto water bottle. AND you can always use colored papered if you want. I think it's another wonderful way to personalize for your wedding.

Thanks again Park Avenue Bride! You should go on over and check out her site. Every Wednesday she posts FREE wedding templates! Can't wait to see today's.....
Ahhh......I love free.....................

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Save The Date Etiquette

I got this off of

Save the Date Etiquette
Save the Date cards can be mailed up to one year, or more, in advance of your wedding and should mention that an invitation will follow. Make sure that your guest list does not need any thinning as every guest that receives a Save the Date should receive an invitation and vice versa. Keep the wording simple. All you really need are your names, wedding date and the location. You may opt for a Save the Date that matches your invitations but don't limit yourself. There are also many fun designs that just may speak to your lighter side.

I Forgot To Show The Back Of The STD Card

So here it is....with magnet and a sticker.

Save The Dates Are Ready To Go!

I've been working on these things for quite awhile....on and off of course, but they're finally done. Well, besides writing the addresses and stamping them.
The above picture is disassembled. I used the same paper for the belly band and the lining of the envelope flap. I know...I've seen them more fully lined, but this was a last minute decision when I saw that I had a small extra piece left over from each belly band. I thought....I know there must be something I can do with this little piece. So after cutting it to size I glued it on the top flap to make it matching stationary! I also created our own monogram. What do you think? Cute, or not so cute?
Here it is with the STD card already nestled into the DIY inner envelope I made out of regular white paper trimmed with wavy craft scissors, double side taped on the sides, and band slid into place.
Ta Da! Ready to lick, seal (oh yeah! I do have sticker seals not pictured here), address and stamp! Fun!
All together for 26 STD cards, ready to go minus the cost me $5.20!

1. To make an envelope liner, measure the width of your envelope, and subtract 1/4 inch. For the length, fold back the flap of the envelope, and measure from the bottom of envelope to tip of flap, just under the gummed strip. Using a paper cutter, cut a sheet of paper to these dimensions.

2. Slip the paper into the envelope, and fold the corners down just below the glue line, using a bone folder to create sharp creases. Remove the paper from the envelope, and cut off the corners along the folds.

3. Insert liner sheet into envelope, and fold down flap. Lift up the envelope flap, keeping the liner folded. Slip a piece of scrap paper under the liner flap to protect envelope from glue. Run the glue stick over the edges of the back of the liner.

4. Slip out scrap paper. Close down the outer flap over liner, and rub with fingertip to adhere glue to flap.

Idea Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Here's the breakdown:

*13 -4x6 prints developed by Walgreen's at .10 each (2 STD's were put on each print) = $1.30
*Inner envelopes ( I already had the paper ) = $0
*Scrapbook lined paper for belly band and flap liner ( I already had this) = $0
*Monogram ( I already had white cardstock ) = $0
*Outer envelopes (large pkg. of thank you notes with envelopes from thrift store) = $0.95
*Self Stick Magnets (from Walmart) = $0.95
*Sticker seals (not shown - Big Lots) $2.00

Note: I was planning on doing all sorts of scrapbooking at one time in my life, and collected tons of scrapbooking supplies. And I mean TONS! I still to this day have not completed one book!.....just in case you were wondering why I already had some of this stuff. You know how that goes!

Our Rings

I love our rings. I got to pick mine out at the mall when we got engaged. It was a pretty difficult task, seeing as every ring seemed too bulky for me. I really don't like the whole "bling" factor for myself. It's just not me. I was looking for something petite, and something that looked natural on my hand. I finally ran across this baby at the very last jewelry store there. I knew this was the one!
His ring I found online. I asked my Mr. if he wanted to pick out his ring, and he gave me the go ahead to pick it out myself.
When it arrived, I told him he had to close his eyes to try it on because I didn't want him to see it until the wedding. But I had to make sure it fit, right? Well, he put it on and was ooohing and ahhhhhing about how smooth and comfortable it felt. I knew it felt good, because I tried it on my, it felt sooooo goooood! I never felt anything like it! They said it was a "comfort fit". They weren't kidding.
Well anyways, I was so afraid that if he saw it he might not like I couldn't resist. Better to know now and return it than to find out when it's too late. Right? So....
Me: "You wanna see it?"
Him: "Well, do you want me to see it?"
So, he saw it. And absolutely loved it. I was relieved.
On another note, I just bought a bunch of stuff to make my own necklace! I've never made ANY jewelry before, but I will definitely post it when I find the time and patience to make it. Well......if it turns out ok, that is.
Actually, I might post it regardless. I am a Lucy fan, you know.

Oh, and by the way......I had to sneak the wedding band when the Mr. was at work. He doesn't know I know where it is.....shhhhhhh.....