Saturday, October 31, 2009

Changed Our Bubbles-DIY

So I decided to change up the way I decorated my original idea for my Dollar Tree bubbles.
I had bought a stamper with the letter "C" on it from Michael's for a buck and was anxious to use it on something. I had some paper I had bought quite awhile ago...just because it was purple....from Big Lots for a dollar also (50 sheets), and decided to cut little pieces of it to use as a wrap around my bubbles. I probably only used about 6 sheets TOPS for my 84 bubbles. So I got my new little stamper and stamped my little cut out pieces of orchid colored printer paper and used photo mounting squares to attach the ends together.
Oh, I also added little silver rings which I found at a dollar store (50 per pkg) and strung them onto the ribbon (from Michaels-2 for $1) which I changed from purple to alternating colors of white and lavender.
This was probably the most boring project thus far....well as far as sitting there and putting them together. I did a little at a time whilst watching TV. I'm just glad it's all over with!

basket from thrift store-earlier post)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yay! Another DIY Checked Off The List! I'll have to give "Becoming His Mrs." some props for putting this idea in my head. She had gone to Michaels and found some Halloween directional signs for 1/2 off a few weeks ago and painted over them to create directional signs for her wedding. So............I also went to Michaels, but unfortunately they were not on sale at my store. Bummer. But then I thought, "Hey! Dollar Tree always has stuff like that for every season/holiday."
But before I bought any signs, I decided to head over to my reception site to see what kind/types my venue could use. I really only needed one for the gate entrance to the courtyard, as there are two different areas you can enter into. One of them being a Senior Center in which my guests could end up surrounded by seniors in yoga positions. Mmmhmmm.
So I took some more pictures of the outside of my venue and headed off to Dollar Tree. I found a very simple "spooky" sign, and bought it for a buck. Well, duh, of course! It's Dollar Tree!
Unfortunately, I did not even think of taking pictures of it for tutorial sake. My baaad. I didn't think of it until I had already spray painted with white acrylic, stenciled the design in pencil AND had started painting it in.....super my bad! Well, what's done is done. I've already forgiven myself.
So above pic is of the supplies I used......

This pic is when I realized I should have taken some pictures...........
....and this is my completed project! I am really happy about the way it came out. ESPECIALLY because I've never, as an adult, painted with brushes. Takes some getting used to! Oh, and I actually used a thin black Sharpie to write the Mr and Mrs line on the bottom, which I failed to include in my supply pic. I was NOT ABOUT to attempt doing THAT with a paint brush!
And I just thought I'd throw in the green fence where I'll be hanging my pride and joy.

( border stencil and spray paint from Walmart, letter stencil from a dollar store, brush on acrylic paints and brushes from Michaels, sign from Dollar Tree)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yipee! Followers (20)

Today I just received my 20th follower! It really made me smile to know that there are 20 people out there....strangers....that are keeping up with my thoughts, planning and projects. I get so much inspiration and so MANY ideas from the people that I myself follow. I hope that I, somehow, someway am able to help future brides out there that are on seriously small budgets like I am on.
That is my goal, because I really do believe that you don't have to go into debt to have a nice, memorable wedding experience with the people that mean the most you.
Thanks everyone for reading and for allowing me to stalk you too! =)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Pending Project DONE!-DIY

Project complete!
If you'll remember awhile back, I wrote about some thrift store finds that were incredible deals that were gold in color, and I needed to paint them silver to go with our decor. Well, I finally did it!
1)Here is the birdcage I was transforming into a cardbox. ($5.95)
2) I started by covering the gems that went around the cage on top and bottom with masking tape to preserve them. I then spray painted the cage with Krylon.
3) Here's after I removed the tape from the gems.
4) Ta Da! A little lavender tulle, a sign and some flowers and I've got myself a cardbox Houston!

What are you using for your cardbox? Will it be DIY?

(cage from thrift store, paint from Walmart, tulle (about 10 yards for $2.95) from thrift store)

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Linen All Gussied Up.....-DIY

I took one of my napkins out of its' wrapping, and started to play around with it. A fold here, a fold there. A fold this a- way, a fold that a-way. I think this might be the one I like best. A simple fan fold.
I added a wrap with our initials, a lil' flower, and wah lah! I like it. Of course this is just a draft, but I really like the look. I'm still experimenting here and there with other between other projects, that is.
So.....what do you think? Si, si or No, no.
What type of napkins will you be having?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Place To Buy or Sell Pre-Owned Wedding Items

Just for those of you who may not have heard of this site, you should go check it out. It's the perfect place to look for that bargain dress, jewelry, grooms attire, hair accessories, ALL reception items and so much more!
Or if you're already married, make some of your money back by reselling!
I hope I was able to help someone out there............

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please Help With Your Vote...............

I would really appreciate you helping me by voting in my poll for these cards that I designed. I just want to get an idea on what you all think. I would very much appreciate no negative comments, so if you don't really like any of them, at least please vote on the one you dislike the least. ;)
These designs are for the 250 greeting cards I won from UPrinting. I was going to make them thank you cards, but I won't be needing 250 thank you cards, so I made them generic so that I could use them for thank you cards and for whatever else ailes us.
Thanks for the help! =)

(I think if you click on the pic, you can see it larger)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Awesome Wedding Invitation Video!

I don't know if you've ever seen this video, but if you haven' it! I first ran across it several months ago and had forgotten all about it until responding to another blogger about wedding videos.
This video entitled "Vampire Weekend M79 - Corey and Rachel's Wedding Invitation - Stop Motion" is such a creative and artistic way of inviting people to your wedding. Of course, I have absolutely zero knowledge on making such a video, so I just sit back and enjoy. I hope you'll enjoy it too! Just click on pic to watch!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Love This Boutonniere!-DIY

Images by Jess Epstein Photography
Bout designed by Hillary Burgess

I absolutely love, love, love this! Maybe because I'm partial to the color, but also because I love the way it still looks quite masculine. I never really thought much of boutonnieres, and in all actuality...this is the ONLY one that's ever caught my eye.

For directions on how to DIY this bout, just click on one of the pictures.

Now, I just gotta run this by the Mr., although we don't even really know what he will be wearing for the wedding yet! Well, we could always plan his ensemble around the bout. Yes? heehee

Will your man be sporting a boutonniere?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dollar Stores!

Aren't these adorable? I found these at a nearby dollar store for $1 each. I just had to have them. I don't know exactly what I will do with them, but here they are.
Maybe use them somehow at our Jack and Jill shower?
Well, just thought I'd share..............

Alternatives To The Ring Bearer Pillow

There are so many different things you can use for your ring bearer to carry your rings on. This is a ring book which is a very simple DIY project. The best thing about this is, you can use whatever color, size and thickness you would like. You could also cover your book in fabric, or get one that is already covered in cloth. Just head on over to your local thrift store and find the perfect book.
This ring book is also from a previous post. You can click on any picture and it will take you to the link that I got it from.
This is a ring bearer's bird nest. Becoming very popular these days.......
....and another.
Also very popular are these ring bearer bowls.
And this is a ring bearer shell (genuine shell).
And for those of you who would like to include your best friend in the wedding.....
....angelic isn't it?
A ring............
A frog.........
A jewelry chest.........
A silver rose.....

You can really use just about anything. Using your imagination, the sky's the limit!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Reception Hall - Mo' Money! I went to put the deposit on my reception venue on Monday. I had printed out the application form from their site, filled it out, and had my Mr. write out a check for me to give to them. Well, when I handed it in, Sara....the gal that was helping me.....told me that the hourly rates on the application had gone up. So instead of $90/hr, it is now $110/hr. Doesn't sound like much, but when you're a bride "Shooting For A $3,000 Wedding", an extra $100 is A LOT! OK,'s not THAT much. But it still stung when she told me that.
Oh well, what's a girl to do? Just go with the flow and make the best of it all, right? Right!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Latest DIY

I was very excited to start this project, especially because I knew I would be basically making this from scratch. I had seen a picture a while back, and knew immediately that this was something I would incorporate into my wedding. It's a.....card holder in the shape of a camera. Specifically, cards to give out for our photoshare site.
I started this project by eyeballing the picture I had saved to my computer....getting a feel for the approx. size, what would be involved in making it, and how I would go about it. It looked to me as if they had used 2 pieces that they then put together, so I started there. I used ordinary printing paper to make my stencils and practice folds. Once I completed my stencils, I went to the craft store and bought two 8 1/2" x 11" black, sturdy cardstock. I then traced my homemade stencils onto the black papers and cut them out.

Here's one of them.
On this piece, I retraced just the top portion of this onto white cardstock, then cut and glued it on.
Folded it into shape...........
....made sure it fit into the other piece..............
....added a little more detail.......
.....glued individual pieces into place.........
.....then glued them to each other......and.......Wah la!
I made the cards on matte white Avery business card blanks that I got from the dollar store by my house. I am very pleased on how these came out. I mean, you can totally tell this whole thing is homemade, but that's the way I wanted it. I actually WANT people to KNOW that I made this with my own two "wittle" And all for well under $2.00! I may just have to do a little retouch on the letters......

Will you be having photosharing cards at your wedding? And if you are, how will they be displayed?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Very DIY Pocket Fold Envelopes

I had to create the template for this from scratch because I couldn't find a template online that would accomodate the invites that I had already bought from Michael's (50 for $17.00 with 40% off coupon). These are the standard sized invites, but all I could find online as far as pocketfold envelope templates went, was DIY sizes. Usually small square sized. So I went with trial and error using my invite and envelopes to guide me.
I then made my template, so that everything that came with the invites would fit in the envelopes, and so that I used as little paper as possible. will be this pocket fold envelope that goes into the envelope that came with invites, then that will go into larger envelopes I purchased separately.
Once that was done, the rest was pretty simple. I made a belly band using scrapbook paper I already had, and this lacy paper I had found at the thrift store ( a bag full for $1.95). All were fastened by a couple of square double sided photo mounting adhesives. Then threw a white ribbon around that (also adhered with a small piece of photo mounting adhesive so it wouldn't slip off of the bellyband).
I accented the pocket with the same scrap paper as the belly band, and a small stick on rhinestone for a delicate touch (pkg. of 48 for $1.00 at Michael's).
I still have to print on the actual "invitation", but I won't be doing that until I'm a bit closer to the wedding date. After all, it's still almost a year away. The invite will then be fastened to the pocket fold envelope. But for the sake of putting up pics, I just set the unfinished invite in place without gluing or fastening.
It's a very simple design....not so fancy-shmancy.... and I didn't use the more elegant pretty paper.....but I'm very happy with the results. Gives it just a little oomph, as opposed to just sticking all the stuff in an envelope. Most of all I'm happy that I finished them! OK...almost finished them. All I have left is putting the rest of the ribbons on. It was a very time consuming project, as simple as it looks. But it was very rewarding for me.

What type of invites are you using?