Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remembering Mom At Our Wedding

This is the picture that we will use in the church and also might be seated with us at the reception.
This is the double framed picture with a poem. Not sure if I will use this one to be seated with us at reception, or the bigger one. Whichever one doesn't sit with us will be placed at the picture table.

At the end of last year, my Mr. lost his mom to cancer. My one big regret: We didn't get married sooner so she could share in our joy. The wedding certainly won't be complete without her.
Even as I'm planning, I begin to think of what would have pleased her, or what I feel she would have liked, and then I get sad. I want her to be there! But I know she will be with us in spirit.

As a memorial to her, we decided to put her picture in a nice frame, and place it where she would have been sitting in the church. We haven't figured out the exact details yet, but after the seating of my mom, the Mr. will go to where his mom's picture is seated and place flowers there as a memorial. This will also be listed in the programs so everyone will know what's going on.
We will also put her picture at her seat at our table at the reception. That way it will feel more like she's there with us.
I will also have on display a plastic double framed picture with poem. I put her picture on one side, and printed out a poem that I created for her on the other side. I decorated them with scrapbook paper.
The poem reads like this:

Mom, we miss you so very much
On this very special day.
And not just now, but every minute,
Since you went away.

I know you are looking down at us,
Watching from above.
Yet how I wish you were here today
Sharing your joy, support and your love.

We will celebrate the life you lived.
All you've given us will never perish.
All the beautiful memories and life lessons
We learned......
Those are the things we will always cherish.

We love you Mom, and we know you are


  1. I love this idea! It is so sweet of you to remember his mother by having a picture of her at the ceremony and reception. I especially like the idea of him placing flowers at her spot during the ceremony. So sweet!

  2. Thanks Jessica,
    She meant a lot to me too. From the moment I met her....over 8 years ago.... she's been nothing but wonderful to me. She embraced me and always made me feel welcome.
    We couldn't leave her out of such a milestone event.....

  3. I lost my only daughter in 2006 and FH lost his Mother in 1999. Both people were huge parts of our lives and very special and important to us. We are going to have FH walk a picture of his Mom and flowers to "her" seat in the church and my brother is going to walk down the aisle right before me with a picture of my daughter and a flower arrangement for her. Both of these will follow us to the reception as well. I love the idea of having them there - it feels weird to plan a wedding and everything without them here and being involved, but as you said in your beautiful poem - I know they will be there with big smiles. Congrats on the wedding - LOVE the STD's ♥

  4. I am so sorry for yours and Your FH's loss. And wouldn't be complete without our closest loved ones....

  5. How sweet, I love the idea of you honoring her at your wedding. I too have lost my Dad so I know how it feels and I will be honoring him at our wedding. I always think of the fact we didn't get married sooner but they'll be there with us and guide us from above.