Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Wedding Vows

I've been thinking about our wedding vows a lot lately. I think I decided in the very beginning that we would have our own....or at least incorporate some of our own wording. Those thoughts immediately made my mind flash back to wedding ceremonies I myself have been to. And from what I can remember, it's always been very difficult to hear the bride and groom. So.....did they not have a microphone? Are microphones only for the pastor? Or did I not hear them because there was only one mic pointing at the pastor? Should we have our own mic? So many questions! But I figure if we say our own vows, I want people to hear us loud and clear. I don't want them to hear meek little mumbles, but at the same time I don't want to stand there, mic in hand, saying my vows to an audience as if I were reciting Shakespeare in a play. So how do we look into each others eyes, professing our love to one another loud enough for everyone to hear clearly? AND not look awkward?
I still have to meet with the pastor at the church we'll be getting married at, but that won't be until about this time next year. That's when I'll be able to discuss the whole microphone thing with him. So until then, I guess I'm stuck with just working on the wording.....which I do every so often in my head, but then forget the brilliant things that I thought of. I really need to start jotting them down.

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