Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Awesome One Dollar Find

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this at a new independent dollar store they opened near my home. It stands just shy of 16" and has a place to put a picture with glass protector over it.
When I saw this I thought, "Wow, this might make a good centerpiece....and even double as a table number. I could make the table numbers with our pics smaller and square and put some flowers around the base!" I went to the Mr. who was looking at paper supplies at the store and told him my idea. Mind you, I had already bought all the stuff for my other centerpieces months before. Well, needless to say, he did not like the idea. He said that they were too tall and big, and they would interfere with the guests talking to each other across the table. I laughed at the thought and put the item in front of my face and pretended as if I couldn't see through it to talk to him. He's so funny.......but bottom line was that he did not like the idea. I'm kind of glad, mostly because I didn't want to feel as if I wasted money on the other ones. But I did manage to buy one to use ......SOMEWHERE. ........maybe on the guest book table. And of course, I will be painting it silver.
Just wanted to share.....

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