Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ten Things We Won't Have For The Wedding

These are things that have definitely been ruled out of being any part of our wedding plans. Not because we're against any of these, mind you. They are just either just not part of our wedding vision, or outside of our budget.

#1 A fondant cake. So very beautiful....I love the look. But it's not BUTTERCREAM!

#2 An open bar. Way out of our budget!
#3 The dollar dance. Just not our thing.
#4 Cake in the face? Oh he better not! I'm all for fun, but I'll pass on this one.
#5 The drink fountain. I don't know.....I just never envisioned this at my wedding. And actually, a bit messy......
#6 Fresh flower centerpieces. I would have loved to, but again, out of our budget. It seemed candles were more budget minded for us.
#7 Cook our own food. Uhhhhhm.....nope.
#8 The throw away bouquet. I just recently learned of this while researching things for my wedding. ......having a smaller version of a bouquet to toss instead of your own. I'm not planning to keep mine (who has the space?) so I will be throwing my bridal bouquet instead.
#9 Live entertainment. Definitely not in our budget either. My son-in-law DJ's, so this is a better way to go for us.
#10 The wedding party. This would have also been nice, but we would like to keep the wedding more simple and less complicated. If anything, we will only have a flower girl (my granddaughter, who will be 4 by then) and a ring bearer (his grandson who will be 7 by then). Dang we're old!

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