Monday, August 17, 2009

7 Wedding Cake Trends- from the knot

Here is a part of the article from the knot, titled "7 Wedding Cake Trends".

Wedding Cake Trend #1: Buttercream-frosted Cakes There's nothing more irresistible than buttercream frosting piped on thick. Go back to basics -- have your wedding cake covered with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate or just-wanna-lick-the-bowl buttercream.

Cake: A Simple Cake by Gail Watson, New York
Story by Anja Winikka and Krissy Tiglias Photography by Antonis Achilleos Styling by Dominique Baynes
I am so happy to have read this, because the kind of cake I want is a regular good old fashioned cake.
I know that fondant looks really smooth, fun and beautiful, but it's not BUTTERCREAM! It just tastes....different.
The cake on the top is the one I've been planning on having made for my wedding, although the one from the article (2nd pic) is also very nice....but with with some purple flowers, of course.
We'll see......still plenty of time.

Here is also a link to some great wedding cake tips and information:


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  1. I LOVE buttercream frosting. Nothing better. I plan on using it for my own cake, which I'll be making myself to save money!