Monday, August 24, 2009

Inexpensive Venues

Like I've said before.....I don't feel that you have to go broke to have a nice wedding. You can have it at a park....................(something I had considered)
....or at a Donut Shop like this couple did.....................(something I didn't consider)
.....McDonald's..............(never considered this either)
.....or even Walmart! (Uhmmmm....not for me) But you don't even have to go to this extreme to find an inexpensive venue.

Here is an article I found at About.Com on cheap wedding locations. In addition to the article I'd like to add that you can also check out your local community centers, Woman's Clubs, Fire Stations, and men's lodge clubs.

Inexpensive Wedding Locations

Ways to Save Money on a Cheap Wedding Location

By Nina Callaway,

If you're a bride or groom on a small budget, you might have gotten sticker shock at the location rental charges and catering prices of most popular wedding locations. A friend of mine is newly engaged in New York City, and we've been scouting inexpensive wedding locations that won't eat her whole budget. She's determined to save enough for that fabulous wedding dress! Here are some places to look for that might save you money:

Talk to your favorite restaurant to see how much it would cost to rent a private room or even the whole place. Look for a restaurant with a pretty back garden that you can set up for the ceremony, and can be used for dancing later. This is an option that works best during non-peak hours, as the restaurant might not want to lose their busy Saturday night crowd.

  • Parks
    Many city parks allow you to have a wedding there for a nominal fee. Look for ones that have a covered patio, special details like fountains, or grassy picnic areas.

  • Theaters and Performance Halls
    A theater might seem like an unusual wedding venue, but they can be quite magical, and you will be helping to support the arts. For example, the majestic Brooklyn Academy of Music is available for rental. You can have your wedding ceremony in a number of locations, and your reception in the grand second-floor lobby. (The bonus is that there are steep discounts for local residents!) Many towns have under-used old-fashioned movie theaters that will add vaudeville charm. For a more modern feel, look into contemporary local theater companies who rent out their spaces during the off-season or dark nights. Getting married on a stage can make you feel like a star!

  • Your College
    Remember that charming chapel and alumni house at your college? It's usually very cheap for alumni to have their weddings on campus and sometimes not much more for non-alumni. Just make sure it's picturesque - we're talking ivy-covered halls and green hills, not barren concrete industrial buildings.

  • Creative and Unusual Places
    Whether it's the top of a roller coaster, an old mill, or the unique place you met, a creative wedding location will instantly give your wedding lots of personality. Because these places aren't used to having weddings, you might be able to snag them for a steal, though you'll often have to bring in extra rentals. (200 people and one bathroom isn't pretty.) I know one couple who got married in a rustic and charming beer brewery, and another who got hitched in the laundromat where they met!

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  1. Wow! I'm on a budget ($5000/ $8000 with honeymoon) but there is NO WAY I'd do a mcdonalds wedding...I'd go somewhere Boston Market. HAHA :)