Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Of My Very Inexpensive Favors

I bought these boxes at Oriental Trading Co. $3.99 per 50. So I basically paid $8 for 100 boxes. In this picture, I filled it with some candy almonds I had handy, but for the reception I plan on buying wrapped butter creams from Oriental Trading at $5.99 per 120, so I will buy 2 bags and put 2 butter creams in each box (that's all that will fit). They have really cute wedding butter creams.
So bottom line is I will have spent $20 total ($8 for boxes +$12 for candy). Divide that by 100 favors= .20 each complete favor.
I also threw my own sticker on it with a thank you from us. These could also double as escort cards by putting guests names on them.
So there it is....our own personalized favors with candy for .20 each!

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