Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Made One Myself!-DIY

(above pic from Martha Stewart)
You remember my posting about these creative little centerpieces (here) ? Well, in it I stated that I would be alternating these luminescent photo frame centerpieces with the original ones that I planned on doing (simple floating candle centerpieces). Well, I have finally tackled that project and made one! Woo-hoo!
I started with some 4 x 6 silver frames that I found at The Dollar Tree. I also bought more of this same type, some unfinished wood frames and some silver 5 x 7 frames, but have only actually completed one centerpiece to share with you. You start with removing the backs off of these and only using the front frame and glass. The backs can be discarded, or you can actually use them for something like signs.
Since these frames were silver ( one of my wedding palette colors) I didn't have to hassle with painting it.
I then went on Picasa (I don't have Photoshop or anything like that) =(
I placed the pictures so that I could fit 2 pictures per sheet of vellum....'cause it's kinda expensive paper. I got mine from Michael's....a package of I believe 100 at half price with a coupon. woohoo!
Here's are a few of the sheets I've printed thus far.
After printing them out, it's time to cut.
I used the insert that came in the frame for a template for cutting.
When you're done, place the pics in the frames then attach the frames to each other. I used duct tape (from a 99 cent store), which holds very well. I've also read other directions that said you can use epoxy. I really like the duct tape because it's muss, no fuss, and no waiting for anything to dry.
And here's my photo frame with a candle placed in the center (in a candle holder high enough to keep flame protected).
I love it! And it was SOOOO simple to make. I only bought one set that I will have to paint.....or maybe I'll just find another set that I won't have to paint. =)
Is anyone else planning on using this idea? You know, you don't even have to use these as centerpieces. These would be great at a remembrance table....for those that have passed and couldn't be with us to share in the celebration.


  1. ooh, that is so cool! i want to make one with vintage family photos to use in my apartment! cool centerpiece idea...

  2. OMG I love it! I am going to do this for our table numbers! But I'll use 1 photo of us and 2 table numbers. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing. Yours came out great!

  3. Looks FABULOUS! Totally wish I had done this for the NYC wedding.

  4. So pretty! I've seen this somewhere else and really want to do it for our tables. I thought it might be too complicated for me, but the way you explain it is really straightforward.

  5. I love your ideas! your so creative!
    you have a new follower!

  6. I'm a new follower and I love your blog, it's soo cute! I'm also a bride on a tight budget. I'm getting married July 10th. I still haven't decided on my center pieces yet buy I LOVE this idea! I'm wondering what kind of candle you are using? Thanks for the idea.

  7. Hi Brittany, and welcome! I am planning on using a tealight and probably putting it in a votive holder (to ensure the flame doesn't go crazy). But, of course I will experiment to see what works best. =)

    Thanks for all your comments everyone!!!

  8. Was over at Born to be Mrs. Beever's blog and read about your creation so had to come check it out for myself! Looks beautiful! You ladies are so creative!

  9. wow you are so crafty!!! you always make the most awesome things! Congrats on participating in NaBloPoMo!!

  10. Those look so great! I don't have photoshop either, so don't feel bad!

  11. OMG I love it! It turned out awesome! And love how it glows....what a great idea!

  12. How much did these cost to make? Love the idea

  13. Less than $4 each! $1 for each frame at Dollar Tree, and 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of vellum (you can fit 2 pics of these for 4 x 6 pics or 5 x 7 pics). You can buy these per sheet or in a pack. =)

  14. I love the idea--definitely thinking about using it. I can't have real flames at the lodge, so my idea for the candle would be those battery powered tea candles. A 6-pack at Walmart is about $2 or $3. Hopefully it is just as bright.

    Thanks for the tutorial!