Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cupcakes, Cake or Fake Cake?

So I am now considering going with :
a) a cupcake tower, with a small cake on top for us to cut -OR-
b) a partially fake (DIY) cake with the top tier real for us to cut and sheet cakes in the kitchen for the guests

My Mr. found a friend of a co-worker who does cakes, so I will email her with what I want (my original idea of a small real 2 tier cake for display and sheetcake in the kitchen). Depending on what THAT estimate is, I may have to consider these other options.
Has anyone else done the fake cake thing?


  1. I've heard about the fake cake thing often and am pretty curious about how it actually looks. Fortunately, a cake is included in our venue's package so we don't have to worry about it. If we did, I would totally consider it though.

  2. My friend did a fake cake. It looked beautiful on the cake table and they cut into the 'real' part for their cutting and feeding each other. Then a sheet cake was served from the back. How did we know it was fake? They forgot to take the fake cake to the back before they started serving the sheet cake! Big no-no! We got our piece of cake and noticed the cake was still on the table so my fiance walked up to it and stuck his finger through the back of it. It was hollow but covered in frosting!

    We want a pretty elaborate upside down cake (see my blog) for our cake but are now thinking we might go for the cupcake tower instead to make sure it looks classy and our baker doesn't screw up and bring us a cake wreck on the day of. More to come as we make our final decision :)

  3. Thanks Born to be Mrs. Beever. I'll have to remember to have the cake removed after cutting it...if I end up going that route.
    Do you still talk to your friend? I'd really like to know what type of icing was used for her fake cake....

  4. I was thinking about the fake cake idea when I read your blog the other day, it's a great option.