Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monkey Tails?

You remember my post on the awesome bout I fell in love with? If you don't remember, you can look here. I really like it because it has a "manly" masculine look to it, don't you agree? Well, I found out a few things about the dark swirly thingy that's in it. It's called a Fiddlehead Fern, but also goes by the name of Monkey Tails, Uluhe Ferns and False Staghorn.
I was thinking of incorporating this "monkey tail" into my bouquet. I think just a few speckled around my bouquet would be enough. But I don't really plan on making my own bouquet (though, that can change), but I am definitely planning on making a DIY bout....ok, not definitely...more like probably. hehe
Here is another bout I found using this strange fern.......
....and more.
Here, they've used them in their centerpieces. They look interesting, but as centerpieces they sorta creep me out. They somehow remind me of venus fly traps, even though they look nothing like them....hmmmm?
Here's a whole family of them. =)
A bouquet with them. This is about how many I think I would use in a bouquet....maybe a little less considering the least expensive you can probably find these for is about $1.50 a piece! Expensive little suckers!
I also found out that these are edible! They are, from what I understand, a unique
delicacy from northern New England, particularly prized in Maine and New Hampshire.
They are also very rich in vitamins A and C. Whoulda thunk?
And here's yet another bouquet with these whimsical, strange and expensive (maybe even yummy?) little guys.
Anything a bit "unusual" you'll be having in your bouquet?

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  1. Wow, those are very cool looking! I love the name "monkey tail." I agree, the ones in the tall cylinder vases look like venus fly traps!

  2. These are interesting options - thanks for sharing! I just started looking at flowers and have no idea what I want for my bouquets/boutonnieres, so I need all the inspiration I can get :)

  3. Monkey tails are extremely common and popular in wedding florals nowadays. I see them everywhere so I wouldn't think it would be hard for you to find a way to incorporate them. Looks like you've got a new love for your ideas :)

  4. I agree they do creep me out a little. They look like something that might crawl into your ear. uuuuggggghhhh

  5. more like soemthing that crawled out of one's ears (cochlea precisely)