Saturday, November 7, 2009

#2 Won, But Can Never Be

NOPE! This will not be the design printed on my UPrinting cards afterall. =(
You remember #2 sample from my poll to select your favorite of my card designs? Number 2 ended up being the favorite by far, so that is the one I sent in to UPrinting. Well, they emailed the proof, and said that the picture was blurry. They wrote I had to either fix it, send in an alternate, or approve it as is.
I wasn't about to take the chance with 250 cards coming back to me blurry and non-usable, so I tried to remedy the problem. I sent it in again, to no avail. It came back again saying the same thing. The prepress team gave me a call and discussed how I could fix this. It seems that the background I had found online to use on my card was the biggest problem. The resolution just wasn't good enough. They told me that when I create a design to send in to them, to double check it by zooming in on it 500X. Yup, a 500X zoom. They were very helpful.
So I went back to my other samples to see if they would work. Number 7 was the runner up, so I zoomed in 500X on it, and no way. Super blurry!
I went back online trying to find a nice "wallpaper" looking background and zoomed in, only to find that this was really not working out. I then decided to get my own purple scrapbook papers and take a picture of them. I uploaded, zoomed....and nope! Still not good enough. I was really tired of stressing on this, so I finally said screw background. I designed a card with just plain color background. I zoomed...looks good. Sent it in.....came back a-ok. So now I'm just crossing my fingers that I like them when they come in.
I'm not posting the "plain" design on'll just have to wait and see it when I get them in the mail!
Has anyone else used UPrinting for anything? What kind of design did you use?


  1. I'm sorry you're having so many problems with your card design, but thank you for posting this. I just won 250 stickers and am working on the design right now (I didn't read the fine print of the contest so I didn't realize there were size restrictions and now i have to totally redesign/rethink). Knowing about the zoon thing will be super helpful!

  2. Love the design! Sorry to hear you had to go back to the drawing board! Can't wait to see them.