Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Just Did It! Our L.A. Times Announcement

I had almost forgotten about this! The deadline for this FREE offer is only until November 30th, so I had to create this pronto before I forgot again!
So this is a limited time offer for an announcement in the new Together section of the Los Angeles Times. A regular $195 value!!! (which in my opinion is WAY overpriced)
So very exciting. I really wasn't even considering doing this, but as soon as I saw FREE, I was THERE!
The latest it would let me post this in the paper is January 31, that's the day I'll get to see it in print. I didn't want it to post too soon, seeing as we're not getting married until September.
So anyone in the Los Angeles area? I said, it's over November 30th!
Has anyone else put an announcement in the paper, or planning to? And how much does it cost if it's NOT the Los Angeles Times?


  1. Nice! I think the NY Times was free. I was late for the deadline so they never got back to me. Scan yours in when it prints!

  2. We put our engagement announcement in the small town newspaper and then our wedding announcement in both the town newspaper and statewide newspaper...both were free!

    $195? Crazy!

  3. wow what a steal~ I can't imagine having to pay $195 I think our fee is $12. Maybe because the LA times is popular?

  4. Yeah....really doesn't make sense that it's $195. Well, it IS a new section in the Times called "Together"...maybe that's why????