Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Sweets Bags Display-DIY

So, I've shown you how I was going to use my monogrammed stickers that I got from UPrinting (here). They will be used on the purple cellophane bags for my "sweets" table. Now here is the way the bags will be displayed......
I made this mock up really quick just for blog posting purposes.
I have 2 tall cylinder vases like this that I will be using. It's not exactly the way I want it.....the word "enjoy" will be in different writing. I used a stencil I had for the letters on this, and I am not impressed at all with the results. I think it would have come out much better freehand. But other than the font on the tag, I think they will work out just fine.
I got the template for the tag/label here . (Wedding Style Guide)
You are able to type into the blank space directly onto the downloaded template, but I felt the lettering was too small for my taste. Template comes in paled colors of purple (shown), yellow and green.


  1. your link for "here" for the label doesn't work. I do like your label idea though.

  2. Really Heather? Because I just went to my post and clicked on "here" and it took me right to it. Hmmm...if anyone else has problems, please let me know and I'll try and re-do it.
    Thanks Heather!

  3. They look great! The link worked for me :)