Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have You Gotten Your Man's Ring Yet?

Aren't these just gorgeous? And the! These rings are from Titanium Kay. This is where I bought my Mr.'s ring, which was also only $99. I got the Tungsten Greco Carbide style.
But really like these.
I had a really great experience with Titanium Kay. They tell you on their site exactly how to measure for their rings (it's a little different than the usual way) to ensure the best fit. I followed their guidelines and it was a perfect fit! And I received it in something like 2 or 3 days!
Have you gotten your Mr.'s ring yet? What kind was it?


  1. i'm getting my guy a ring from etsy. it's going to have my fingerprints cast around the inside!

  2. I'll have to go check that out! Sounds really unique!

  3. Yes we got his ring when and it was $100 tungsten, he opted for the tungsten because of durability. Great price! I blogged about our rings a while back if you didn't get to see them!