Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Totally Bummed...No Baker

We had always planned on hiring a guy that works with my Mr. to make our cakes. He's a baker on the side, so slam dunk for us.
Well, we just barely started going back and forth with giving him ideas on what we would like, how many guests, etc.
Well, come to find out this evening, my Mr. was talking to him at work today when the date was brought up. Turns out he's going to be in Paris during our entire wedding week!
We didn't have a Plan B! Anyone have suggestions on finding a very inexpensive baker? I will be looking on Craigslist to start.........


  1. I love Craigslist =)

    How determined are you to have a traditional wedding cake? My fiance and I have (I think) settled on a cupcake tier to save funds, but I've also seen some really cool cake buffets (which are a LOT cheaper to put together than a wedding cake!).

  2. Not determined at all. Brittney. I was considering cupcakes before we lost this guy.It seems as if it would be a lot "neater" with cupcakes too. No fuss, no muss....
    Did you already find your baker?

  3. since you're not tied to the idea of a cake, i bet buying pies or cookies from a grocery would be less expensive... (though not as glamorous)

  4. I think the cupcake idea might be a good route to take if you can't find someone to do the cake for you. I would try calling some bakeries and asking what the cheapest cake they have is or maybe even try a grocery store bakery. What is your budget for the cake?