Friday, November 20, 2009

Thee Stickers Have Arrived!

Here they are....just arrived yesterday. My monogrammed 3 x 3 stickers from UPrinting and Sand Dollars & Sunflowers (thanks Brittney, you rock!). They're pretty BIG! I wasn't sure if they would look okay on my "sweets" bags for my Sweets Buffet.......
...but I think they look alright. I'll try and post a pic soon of the way my bags will be displayed.
BTW....I got my bags from a dollar store by my house(30 bags/ $1). NOT BAD! =)
Anyone having a candy or sweets buffet? What type of bags will you use (if any), and how and will they be decorated?


  1. Yay!! So glad they turned out well for you!

  2. Those are going to look fabulous! For our candy buffet, we used 2 shades of pink paper bags from Michaels and put a sticker with our monogram on it!

    Light Pink and Bright Pink

  3. Ah, yes Jen...I remember seeing yours AND your candy buffet. Loved it ALL! ;)

  4. When I first printed out a proof of mine, I was surprised at how big they were too! I'm waiting to get them in the mail now. I think yours came out beautiful, though!

  5. Looks great dear! I really like how it looks askew!