Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween With My Flower Girl

My 3 year old granddaughter (aka flower girl) on the left, and my 12 year old granddaughter/daughter (I adopted her when she was 2) on the right. This was to be my little granddaughter's first actual experience saying trick-or-treat and opening her bag up for candy.
And boy, did she have a ball! A bit shy at first (like, just at the first house), but once she saw the pay-off she was off and running! Here's the gang at our first stop getting juicy's (my mom's). My youngest daughter on the far right (my lil granddaughter's mom). 4 generations of girls met here tonight. =)
I loved this beautiful walkway entrance these people had. Perfect for picture taking.
Me and my other "babygirl".
This is a new friend I met on someone's porch. He's a bit of a dummy though.
And of course, me and my HONEY!


  1. So fun...I love Halloween with little ones when it is their first time. My fiance and I went trick or treating (at the mall) with my niece (6 months) and nephew (2 years) last night while my 14 year old was off at a halloween party. I took my little nephew up to the counter at the first store...we had all practiced with him to say 'Trick or treat' and then thank you after. But once he hit the first counter, his mouth opened and out came "I want some candy!" I died laughing...he still said thank you and was oh so cute in his little pirate costume. :)

  2. That's funny! From the mouths of

  3. Thanks Jen....this Grandma sure thinks so! ;)

  4. Beautiful Family ... Beautiful Bride to Be!!

  5.'re so sweet Anonymous. Thank you....