Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Wedding Recessional Song

We just began last weekend thinking of the songs we will incorporate into our wedding.

We definitely decided on our recessional song, which will be "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. I love this song so gives my soul a lift, and puts a big smile in my heart and on my face. What better song to end the wedding ceremony with?
I remember the first time I heard this was on my daughter's myspace page (when she had one). Love at first sound! I'm soooo glad that my Honey also loved it the first time I played it for him. It was meant to be played at our wedding.

Thanks Born to be Mrs. Beever, for giving me an idea for a post today. Like I told you.....I was having a tough time thinking of what to write about today....hope you don't mind.

You see, I have to post everyday during the month of November because that is what I commited to. (NaBloPoMo)
I think I've done very well up to this point, although I did have a few days where I just sort of put "whatever" type of stuff up. Oh well, at least I'm writing, right?

Born to be Mrs. Beever also committed to this, and I believe already had a whole months in drafts waiting to be posted. Good idea! I wish I had that many ideas in my head. Most of my thoughts right now are about getting projects that are half done or not even started, DONE. I'd like to put all this craft stuff put away once and for all, especially since Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve will be here at our house.
OK...I've begun to

What songs have you decided on for your processional and recessional? I'll write about our processional tomorrow.....gotta spread this out, you know?

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  1. I like that song too! My bff has it as her ringtone, so every time I call her I hear it.

    I have a couple selections for my recessional;
    Forever and Ever Amen- Randy Travis
    Signed Sealed Delivered, Steve Wonder
    Come On, Let's Go- Richie Valens
    Everything- Michael Buble