Thursday, November 12, 2009

250 UPrinting Cards Have Arrived!

So here they are. My winnings from the UPrinting giveaway. They arrived late afternoon yesterday. I heard the sound of the UPS truck parking in front of my house, then the thud of a heavy box hitting the concrete on my porch. It's them...I just know it's them. I rushed over to the door and quickly pulled the box in. Oh....I hope they came out ok.
So.....much different than the #2 card that won in the voting, but I think I like these. This being the front of the card.....
and this being the back. Yes....I think these will work out just fine. I didn't have the words "thank you" printed on them because I knew there was no way I'd be using 250 thank you's....probably not even in my lifetime! So I made them more generic-y. I told the Mr., "Yeah, we'll just get a bunch of different stickers and put them on....bunnies (Happy Easter), hearts (Happy Valentine's) and so on and so forth. Our family can get the same card delivered to them for every occasion! lol I know you know I'm kidding, right???
Well, anyways....thank you UPrinting and Bride On A Budget!


  1. These look great! I'm about to order some UPrinting cards too - hoping they will look this good!

  2. How cool you won! I love the card they look so cute!