Saturday, November 7, 2009

What Type Of Icing Did You Have?

So I know there are many different options for the icing on the cake. There's buttercream, whip cream, fondant, marzipan and a few others. So what did YOU use on your wedding cake(s), and how did it turn out for you?
I've been planning on using buttercream, but just found out that my honey's friend, who is tentatively going to be our baker, hasn't worked much with buttercream. He normally does whip cream topping. He said he can practice with the buttercream, but....idk.
So I'm just wondering what eveyone else has already had experience with. I've heard that fondant doesn't taste very good.
Your experiences will be very helpful. Thanks! =)


  1. I haven't even had any cake tastings yet but I have been reading about cakes a lot and watch the cake shows all the time on TV. I hear that if it's really warm where you live, warm as in over 80 degrees, you should stay away from buttercream. I also heard fondant doesn't taste all that good. I still have no clue what to do about my cake issue... let me know what you end up with!

    p.s. I left you something on my blog this morning...

  2. I've had experience with all types of frostings. Fondant rolls very smoothly onto cakes and makes them look nice, but is a stranger texture, slightly chewy. I don't love it, but some people do. Buttercream is pretty classic and tasty though I don't love butter. My personal favorite is cream cheese frosting for the texture and flavor.

    We ended up having ice cream cake for the wedding! Fun and cost effective.

    We'll probably have flourless chocolate cake (no frosting required) for our second reception.

  3. I was planning to do buttercream but then my caterer/baker suggested I try it first. I did and I hated it! This is obviously just a personal thing, but I think whipped cream is much better and will please more people.

  4. by the way, the above cake is covered in fondant with buttercream details

  5. What I am wondering is, can I use actual ribbons on buttercream for the detailing?