Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Rings

I love our rings. I got to pick mine out at the mall when we got engaged. It was a pretty difficult task, seeing as every ring seemed too bulky for me. I really don't like the whole "bling" factor for myself. It's just not me. I was looking for something petite, and something that looked natural on my hand. I finally ran across this baby at the very last jewelry store there. I knew this was the one!
His ring I found online. I asked my Mr. if he wanted to pick out his ring, and he gave me the go ahead to pick it out myself.
When it arrived, I told him he had to close his eyes to try it on because I didn't want him to see it until the wedding. But I had to make sure it fit, right? Well, he put it on and was ooohing and ahhhhhing about how smooth and comfortable it felt. I knew it felt good, because I tried it on my thumb.....like, it felt sooooo goooood! I never felt anything like it! They said it was a "comfort fit". They weren't kidding.
Well anyways, I was so afraid that if he saw it he might not like it....so I couldn't resist. Better to know now and return it than to find out when it's too late. Right? So....
Me: "You wanna see it?"
Him: "Well, do you want me to see it?"
So, he saw it. And absolutely loved it. I was relieved.
On another note, I just bought a bunch of stuff to make my own necklace! I've never made ANY jewelry before, but I will definitely post it when I find the time and patience to make it. Well......if it turns out ok, that is.
Actually, I might post it regardless. I am a Lucy fan, you know.

Oh, and by the way......I had to sneak the wedding band when the Mr. was at work. He doesn't know I know where it is.....shhhhhhh.....


  1. lovely rings!! those are some good pictures of them too. i like how you used the tulle to hold them up. :)

  2. Thanks Bee! It took quite a few tries....