Saturday, October 31, 2009

Changed Our Bubbles-DIY

So I decided to change up the way I decorated my original idea for my Dollar Tree bubbles.
I had bought a stamper with the letter "C" on it from Michael's for a buck and was anxious to use it on something. I had some paper I had bought quite awhile ago...just because it was purple....from Big Lots for a dollar also (50 sheets), and decided to cut little pieces of it to use as a wrap around my bubbles. I probably only used about 6 sheets TOPS for my 84 bubbles. So I got my new little stamper and stamped my little cut out pieces of orchid colored printer paper and used photo mounting squares to attach the ends together.
Oh, I also added little silver rings which I found at a dollar store (50 per pkg) and strung them onto the ribbon (from Michaels-2 for $1) which I changed from purple to alternating colors of white and lavender.
This was probably the most boring project thus far....well as far as sitting there and putting them together. I did a little at a time whilst watching TV. I'm just glad it's all over with!

basket from thrift store-earlier post)


  1. Super cute...are the guests going to blow the bubbles as you walk down the aisle? So fun.

  2. Well, I thought about either doing that, or during our first dance at the reception. I think it would make great pics while we're dancing.

  3. That WOULD be cool as you were dancing!

    We got some great pics on our church exit with the bubbles!

  4. My aunt had the bubbles at her wedding. I also wanted to do that. Then I saw yours and realized you had the same idea I did with the last name initial on it.

  5. Thanks so much for this idea! It's amazing how much of a difference a little strip of paper can make. I used silver paper, dark purple ribbon, and silver charms that said 'to love and to cherish' on them (I love sales at Michaels!). They look infinitely better than my original plan of just tying white and lighter purple ribbon around the top.