Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Latest DIY

I was very excited to start this project, especially because I knew I would be basically making this from scratch. I had seen a picture a while back, and knew immediately that this was something I would incorporate into my wedding. It's a.....card holder in the shape of a camera. Specifically, cards to give out for our photoshare site.
I started this project by eyeballing the picture I had saved to my computer....getting a feel for the approx. size, what would be involved in making it, and how I would go about it. It looked to me as if they had used 2 pieces that they then put together, so I started there. I used ordinary printing paper to make my stencils and practice folds. Once I completed my stencils, I went to the craft store and bought two 8 1/2" x 11" black, sturdy cardstock. I then traced my homemade stencils onto the black papers and cut them out.

Here's one of them.
On this piece, I retraced just the top portion of this onto white cardstock, then cut and glued it on.
Folded it into shape...........
....made sure it fit into the other piece..............
....added a little more detail.......
.....glued individual pieces into place.........
.....then glued them to each other......and.......Wah la!
I made the cards on matte white Avery business card blanks that I got from the dollar store by my house. I am very pleased on how these came out. I mean, you can totally tell this whole thing is homemade, but that's the way I wanted it. I actually WANT people to KNOW that I made this with my own two "wittle" And all for well under $2.00! I may just have to do a little retouch on the letters......

Will you be having photosharing cards at your wedding? And if you are, how will they be displayed?


  1. I think these are absolutely awesome!

    P.S. There's a little something for you over on my blog...

  2. Thanks Brittney! But what do I do now?? lol

  3. I love how the camera turned out - great display!

    I'd considered photo-sharing cards, but instead we're planning to hit guests up at the end of the reception and brunch the next day, and have them download their photos directly onto our laptop (instant gratification, woohoo!)