Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Fab Find At The Thrift Store!

I went browsing the thrift store by my house yesterday, when I stumbled upon these beautiful treasures. Intricately wired ornaments that latch shut. They were 12 for $ about .25 a piece. I bought a total of 48. There are just so many possibilities for these things! AND they match the little baskets I previously bought from this same store.
See! They match pretty well. (I still haven't painted this....)
I made some paper tissue pom poms to see how they would look dangling inside the ball.....I think they look absolutely perfect. I can hang them from the back of guests chairs (but I'd have to go buy more NOW, before they're gone)...I could string them and drape them across different areas (like above the cake table), I could hang them from the pews down the aisle, and I could also hang them in the various trees in the reception courtyard (or along the walkway entrance of the courtyard). So many possibilities!
But whatever I end up doing with them, I will be sooo happy that I found them.


  1. Oh my gosh, these are AWESOME!! What a great find! If I were to use them in my wedding, I would probably hang them from trees since I am having an outdoor ceremony. Or down the aisle. And then bring them back inside for the reception and hang them from somewhere! They are adorable and perfect! I love them!!! :)

  2. Thos look fabulous with the poms inside! Great find!

  3. absolutely beautiful!!!