Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Pending Project DONE!-DIY

Project complete!
If you'll remember awhile back, I wrote about some thrift store finds that were incredible deals that were gold in color, and I needed to paint them silver to go with our decor. Well, I finally did it!
1)Here is the birdcage I was transforming into a cardbox. ($5.95)
2) I started by covering the gems that went around the cage on top and bottom with masking tape to preserve them. I then spray painted the cage with Krylon.
3) Here's after I removed the tape from the gems.
4) Ta Da! A little lavender tulle, a sign and some flowers and I've got myself a cardbox Houston!

What are you using for your cardbox? Will it be DIY?

(cage from thrift store, paint from Walmart, tulle (about 10 yards for $2.95) from thrift store)


  1. These are so cute - I think I need to start looking around thrift stores for good deals!

  2. Love it! You did a great job. Every time I read another bride's blog I have something else to post about :) But for now I will leave you with this little image as to what will be my 'gift card box' and I will explain it in further detail in a future post:

  3. looks great! I had also thought of using a large ornate birdcage my mom has a plant holder, but then I ended up using the vintage train case instead.
    cant wait to see what else you put together!
    by the way, how many guests are you expecting?

  4. I will have approx. 75-85 guests TOPS! Thanks lillyella.

  5. That's really cute! You're great at repurposing unassuming items into something fabulous!
    I'm using a faux gift for cards. I wrapped a box in silver paper, cut a slot in the top for cards, and added a bow made from dark purple tulle. Total cost was less than $2 and I think it looks pretty good. I'm considering adding "Cards" to it in a nice script but I'm undecided. I would think people would realize it's purpose and, if not, someone nearby could explain it but I could be wrong. My main concern is that adding would detract from the overall presentation.