Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Very DIY Pocket Fold Envelopes

I had to create the template for this from scratch because I couldn't find a template online that would accomodate the invites that I had already bought from Michael's (50 for $17.00 with 40% off coupon). These are the standard sized invites, but all I could find online as far as pocketfold envelope templates went, was DIY sizes. Usually small square sized. So I went with trial and error using my invite and envelopes to guide me.
I then made my template, so that everything that came with the invites would fit in the envelopes, and so that I used as little paper as possible. will be this pocket fold envelope that goes into the envelope that came with invites, then that will go into larger envelopes I purchased separately.
Once that was done, the rest was pretty simple. I made a belly band using scrapbook paper I already had, and this lacy paper I had found at the thrift store ( a bag full for $1.95). All were fastened by a couple of square double sided photo mounting adhesives. Then threw a white ribbon around that (also adhered with a small piece of photo mounting adhesive so it wouldn't slip off of the bellyband).
I accented the pocket with the same scrap paper as the belly band, and a small stick on rhinestone for a delicate touch (pkg. of 48 for $1.00 at Michael's).
I still have to print on the actual "invitation", but I won't be doing that until I'm a bit closer to the wedding date. After all, it's still almost a year away. The invite will then be fastened to the pocket fold envelope. But for the sake of putting up pics, I just set the unfinished invite in place without gluing or fastening.
It's a very simple design....not so fancy-shmancy.... and I didn't use the more elegant pretty paper.....but I'm very happy with the results. Gives it just a little oomph, as opposed to just sticking all the stuff in an envelope. Most of all I'm happy that I finished them! OK...almost finished them. All I have left is putting the rest of the ribbons on. It was a very time consuming project, as simple as it looks. But it was very rewarding for me.

What type of invites are you using?


  1. EXCELLENT job! Seriously they're looking great! I did DIY invitations as well :)

  2. I think they look great! I agree with the time consuming, but it's worth it! I like what you have done and with the wording, etc., they will look complete. DIY projects are so much fun!