Monday, October 26, 2009

My Linen All Gussied Up.....-DIY

I took one of my napkins out of its' wrapping, and started to play around with it. A fold here, a fold there. A fold this a- way, a fold that a-way. I think this might be the one I like best. A simple fan fold.
I added a wrap with our initials, a lil' flower, and wah lah! I like it. Of course this is just a draft, but I really like the look. I'm still experimenting here and there with other between other projects, that is.
So.....what do you think? Si, si or No, no.
What type of napkins will you be having?


  1. Your napkins are so pretty! They look simple and elegant, which is just beautiful. Plus, it's a great DIY idea that I think I could actually pull off as well! Thanks for the ideas on keeping a wedding reasonably priced and beautiful!

  2. VERY pretty! We did light pink napkins that wrapped around our menus

  3. Our napkins will be satin and are being folded just like this photo:

    Except for the little card you see on top of the napkin. We will have a card tucked into the napkin just like the picture (not a menu card though - more on that to come later). We are also doing the favor boxes above the napkin just like in the photo. My color scheme inspiration came from the wedding this photo is from so I have lots of examples :)

    I love your fan idea though - I'm also a fan of purple.

  4. I have also been considering the fold you are doing Born to be Mrs. Beever. Thanks for sharing! And thanks Jen and Anonymous for your compliments and comments. =)

  5. You are so crafty! I love it.

    I loved finding your blog because it is inspiring to find other broke brides committed to a fun, pretty wedding. So I left you an award on my blog.

    Congrats on your engagement!

  6. hey girl! i did a little post about our napkins here: and theres a little diagram with other napkin folding and how-tos that I think is really cute! check it out if you can! :)