Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One of the BEST Deals Ever!

I can't believe this streak of luck I've been having lately! And believe me, I am not the lucky type at all.
What are these you ask? Well, let me start from the beginning. Last week I was looking on Craigslist for any super duper deal I could find on wedding stuff ( I do this daily). I had BEEN looking for some linen napkins, as my reception venue is a city community hall which provides only table, chairs and kitchen. I already bought my linen table cloths, and was originally planning on "like linen" napkins because of my budget. I mean, just to RENT napkins is about .75 a piece! For a hundred people that's $75! I don't know about you, but $75 for just something to wipe your mouth on???
Well, anyways....since I ended up buying my table cloths for a really great deal, I figured I would keep my eye out for linen napkins, and if I found some at a great price, score! If I didn't...c'est la vi.
OK...well as I was saying.....I saw this ad in Craigslist for linen napkins to BUY for .15 each! This was a rental company making room for their new stuff. I immediately called them and asked what colors they had. The called me back later that day with her list of colors. No purples....bummer. No white, no silver. Nothing that would match my theme. I was very sad. This was on Thursday. The weekend went by in which this company was having their last "customer" day, where customers could actually come by and physically see all the inventory. Saturday only from 8 am-1 pm. Then came Monday. I was still really bummed about my loss, and thought, "what do I have to lose by calling again to find out what colors they have left?". So I called. She said she would have to get back to me. Then when she did, the first color she said was Amethyst! I was like.....what? Amethyst? Really? How many do you have left? 100? I'll take them! Woo-hoo!
It's Wednesday and I have them in my hot little hands.....and guess what? They charged me .10 a piece! My total to BUY...yes BUY.....100 linen napkins.... was $16.85.....and that's with shipping already included. Now that's what I call a SCORE! And they are in PERFECT condition. Washed, packaged in groups of ten and ready to go.
And I know I can make all my money back after the wedding, and probably even some extra. But the bottom line is, when all is said and done, these napkins will have been free!
That's my fabulous happy ending story.


  1. OMG! Does this company have any left? I could use some in pink or green. You are so lucky! And to answer your question: I don't think I am going to post a pic of my dress on my blog because I don't want a nosy certain fiance to see it before the wedding. :)

  2. I thought I commented on thse? Hmm...IDK. ANyway, great find!!! What I was really coming on to comment was that I was looking over your list and I'd say you are doing a great job with budget!!! youve done some great work and got some awesome deals!!! way to go!

  3. You always find the best deals! these are great!

  4. Wow. Wow. Wow. I have really been worried about furnishing my cheap wedding with linens. Thanks for showing me it can be done.