Monday, September 28, 2009

A DIY Snap Station....How Cool!

I saw this project and said, "Wow". What an awesome idea. I won't be doing this exact project, but what I was originally thinking of doing as far as cameras go, was to put several cameras on each table. But this project is having me consider putting all the cameras on one table, and making a large sign similar to the one in the pictures.
I really love the look of the variety of vintage cameras, but again, I will probably just get the regular disposable 35mm wedding cameras that you can get at The wedding channel store on sale for like $2.50 each.

For this project, she labeled each camera with the brand, a little info and/or what effects it has.

All photos by: Jess Epstein
DIY Snap Station creator: Hillary Burgess

Isn't it just so original?
Are you having cameras for the guests at your wedding? If you are, how will they be displayed?


  1. What a neat idea! We did not do cameras on the tables...

  2. That is such a fun idea with all those old cameras! A friend did the disposables on tables and reported about only 10% of the photos were actually worth keeping... so may not be worth the money in the end. But that's a chance you take I guess!

  3. Really? Only 10 percent? Well that really blows.....but yeah. It's a chance I guess I'll have to take. I also have a share site so guests that brought their own digital cams can upload...I'm sure THOSE pics will be much better.