Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Am I Drawn Into All This DIY Stuff? I've seen these little individual tissues done as favors for the guests during my quizillion searches through the internet for anything wedding, and thought "totally unnecessary". Nope....I'm not gonna do it. So then, I just recently saw a tutorial on BP Wedding's blog site on some that she had made, and I thought her's came out so cute that I suddenly had tissue envy. Aaaargh! Nooooo. Don't do it Belinda! It's a trap. Remember BUDGET? $3,000???? Although this project is a very inexpensive one, when you put together 20 different little projects it certainly adds up! And with a budget like $3,000....yikes.
Well, I talked myself out of it and was very proud of myself for doing so. Even though I was "watching" some glassine envelopes on my Ebay (hey, it made me feel "if I wanted to I could" lol).
Then I went to Big Lots. That was the end of my fighting it. I found these eyelet confetti pouches from Martha Stewart and thought "these look like the perfect size for tissues, hmmm". And since they were right there in my grasp.....not something I would have to actually order off the made it so much easier for me to cave in. So I bought them (pkg of 20/$2). So I bought 2 pkgs. I then went to a dollar store and bought 2 three packs of Kleenex.

The first thing I had to do was empty the confetti out of the packages, so I carefully opened each one as not to destroy the eyelet sticker that sealed the bags............
.....then poured the vellum flower and punch dot confetti into a ziploc baggie.
Once that was done I got 2 of the Kleenex tissues (as Bee had done) and stuffed them (nicely) into the envelope.
Ta Da! Now we just need to dress it up a bit.
I made some labels on my computer using Picassa, as I do not have any programs like Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc. I'm just a baby when it comes to creating things on the computer...I have very little knowledge besides things that I just basically learned on my own (no computer savvy here). So don't laugh!! =p
I then got some scrapbook paper I already had (in 2 designs) and cut them into strips. I wrapped it around the envelope (around and under the flap...I just slipped it through), and there it is. Above is a pic of back and front.
I like Bee's way better, especially with her pretty ribbon and special stickers she ordered, but what can I say...I'm the "roughin' it" kinda gal.
So 40 of these I did make. I know it would have been cheaper had I bought the glassine envelopes on Ebay, but I WASN'T going to make these! Here is the breakdown:
$4/40 envelopes + $2/tissues=$6 $6/40= .12 1/2 each

Whatever! I'm still mad at myself! And I'm NOT doing Flip FlopS (even though I already ran over to Target)! I'm NOT!
I really need to stop reading blogs..........
Luv ya Bee! ;)


  1. Those are very cute!

    I have tried forever to find little envelopes like those, I will have to check big lots.

  2. This post is so cute! But I can totally see how you couldn't resist! Those look great and I'm sure your guests will appreciate them!

  3. LOL! Belinda, you are so funny! This post totally made my day!!!! Seriously, I'm grinning from ear to ear. You're so sweet. I love that my little blog post was able to inspire you to make your own. That makes me really happy. And your tissue packets came out so great!! And you seriously only spent $6 on them?? I am so jealous. You need to teach me how to hunt for bargains and be more frugal. Your guests are going to love them! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! :)

    I can't wait to see your post about the flips flops! (Totally kidding, of course!)

  4. How cute! I love the idea and the look. They turned out super cute and they were cheap! Good job! I know the feeling's like I want I don't....yes I do!!!! I am that way and I try so hard to resist! I think they were worth it though, they will be used for sure!

  5. LOVE this idea totally cute but I cannot take on anything else! lol