Thursday, January 14, 2010

My UPrinting Postcards Have Arrived!

And I am very happy with them. Now, I designed these postcards to not be actual postcards, but instead more of favors for our guests.
On the front of the postcard is a picture of us, and a thank you for being able to join us.
On the back is a bit of a timeline of our relationship. So you see, if you get creative, you can do all sorts of things with these. The above are pics of the actual postcards received, and below............
.....are the designs I sent in to UPrinting. I only posted these in case you couldn't really see or read the ones of the pics I took. I think they came out great, and I'm very happy with them.
So there they are.....awesome Uprinting postcards I received for hosting a giveaway. Thank you UPrinting! You're the best!
And guess what!!?? I'll be having another giveaway for postcards from Uprinting starting this weekend! So keep an eye out, and use that imagination of yours to come up with some creative ideas on how you could use these.


  1. OMG I love them!!! That picture is so freaking cute, it just spells LOVE!

  2. This is so great. Can't wait to use mine!

  3. I did (kinda) the same thing with ours! I made them into "Thank you cards" that I'll put in the favor bags. Great minds think a like! =)

  4. Congrats! They look did a wonderful job designing them. Very creative.

  5. they look really good!! I am thinking about using UPrinting for my seating chart. The print quality looks really good.

  6. Yes....the print quality is great! =)