Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Alternative To The Wedding Cake.....

It's a "shooter" cake. Now THAT'S different! Nothing I would consider, but pretty cool if you ask me.
Speaking of, we had our cake tasting this weekend. Out of the 4 different flavors we tried (rasberry, lemon mousse, coconut mousse, cream cheese mousse)....all were white cake with buttercream......we chose the cream cheese mousse filling. It was heavenly. Because it was a mousse, it didn't have a bite to it. Just smooth and mellow. So yay! One task down. We've still lots of time before we put our order in, but at least we know what we want.
Since we'll be having a small 2 tier (for show and for cutting) and the sheet cake for the guests, we will probably make the 2 tiered with 2 different flavors. The coconut and the lemon.....also very mellow and yummy. =)
What are your favorite flavors, and do you have any flavors that you just can't stand?


  1. This would be a really fun set up for a bachelorette party though! lol

  2. Glad you picked out your cake, and the shot idea would be a fun extra! For our cake, we’re doing three different flavors, including cookies and cream, raspberry/lemon, and white cake w/cream cheese. We had a hard time deciding, because we loved everything!

  3. Mmm, cake. I can't WAIT to do cake tasting(s)! My favorites are red velvet and lemon! My least favorite is coconut (the texture more than the flavor)!

    Have you seen the Simpsons episode where Marge and Homer are getting married and Marge turns into a 'zilla? My favorite part is where she says H can choose the frosting, he says, "chocolaaate?" and she shoots out at the baker, "We'll take lemon!" SO funny.

  4. Yay exciting! We get to go do our cake testing on the 20th! I can't wait!