Tuesday, January 19, 2010

UPrinting Postcards I Actually Won!

So this is the second set of postcards I've received from UPrinting. The first set I got was from hosting a giveaway, and this set here was from me entering on another person's blog. As you can see.....I won!
I needed a simple design (and my Mr. agreed) because these will be used for my RSVP's, but seeing as I don't need 100 RSVP's, I designed them so I could use them for other things. They're basically blank (no wording), which makes them multipurpose!
My plan is to make a sticker with the RSVP wording printed on it and place it on the left. That way, all our guests have to do is check off the appropriate box and throw it in the mail.
The following pics are the designs I sent in to Uprinting.
This picture of us (just the black/white pic) is the pic that is on our invites, so it will match great with our RSVP's.
And if you look closely at our unity candle, you'll see this dandelion on it too.

I'm hosting yet ANOTHER postcard giveaway from UPrinting! I have absolutely NO idea what I will do with the postcards I get from there. I didn't host it to get more, but more to give you...my readers....another opportunity to get some for yourself.
So good luck if you enter! Deadline to enter is Saturday, Jan. 23rd.


  1. I think they look super cute! And it's nice to have them just as postcards so you can use them for whatever you want.

    Maybe you can use the new ones you get for menus or something along those lines? Maybe a mini program? You are very creative so I am sure you'll think of something great!

    You are well on your way to meeting your budget, you keep getting all this great stuff for free! :) Way to go!

  2. CONGRATS! that is great news! you can't beat FREE!!!

  3. Woo hoo for winning!!! They look awesome and I love that you can use them for anything!