Monday, December 21, 2009 NOW Is The Time To Buy!

This is such a fantastic sale at! 50% off of selected already clearance items! Thanks Brittney from Sand Dollars & Sunflowers for the heads up on this great deal!
Well, since I had already bought my round tablecloths and napkins quite awhile ago, I ended up buying my aisle runner (white)75.5 feet long with polyester on one side/satin on the other, one purple polyester 108" long table cloth (for either my cake table, guestbook table or some other table-lol), and 9 white table runners for my round tables. All came out to $37.39.....not bad at shipping!

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  1. I LOVE that aisle runner! I wanted to get it to but Jacob thought it would just get all sandy. =( Aw well.... I'm glad you're going to enjoy it though!