Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings and Horchata!!!

Season's Greetings from our family to yours! I hope you all have a wonderful hoiday/Christmas and weekend. We will be having my family over today on Christmas Eve. My mom will bring tamales (purchased from a restaurant that makes them....we used to, but don't anymore) and I will be making rice, beans, carnitas and potato salad. I will also make horchata. No, not from scratch...sorry....I don't know how. I actually don't even really like horchata. In fact, I just found out from my 12 year old a few days ago that it's a rice drink. I know, I'm really bad at this kind of stuff.
I found this packet of horchata at Walmart that you mix with water. How easy is that? I hope it tastes good to everyone that knows what it's supposed to taste like. ........
.....and this is what I'll be serving it in. Isn't she beautiful? I just got her this past weekend from Target. She was actually purchased with "wedding" in mind, but I figured....why not break her in a little? =) And it's the perfect occasion.
Tomorrow my Mr's family comes for his famous homemade menudo (uh, which I also don't like). I'm so bad! So I will be eating left over carnitas....AND I found a mix to make tamarindo too (I'm not sure if I like that). He said tamarindo will go better with menudo than horchata would. OK....what do I know? It's a good thing I have people around me that know what the heck is going on! lol
So, 2 fun filled days with family! Yay! And hopefully a relaxing weekend. {{sigh}}
Have fun everyone!!! =)


  1. mmm, i love horchata! and your server!! can i ask how much it was? or do you remember what they called it? i'm trying to search their website and am not finding it...

  2. I hope you had a nice Christmas with the fam! :)

  3. Sounds like lots of great food!!! Actually sounds like NM! :) I hope you had a wonderful holiday and having a great New Year! I have been MIA lately...but back every now and then! I never knew you could buy the mix for horchata, cool!