Friday, February 12, 2010

Need Table Linens?

I'm sure I've told you all before that my venue doesn't supply linens, and that I was supplying my own (ummm...or maybe I didn't). Well, they aren't and I AM. I already bought my round tablecloths and linen napkins quite awhile ago. And then there's that special I jumped on a couple of months ago from In fact....all but my napkins are from My round tablecloths I bought through their ebay site. And I just recently received $50 worth of merchandise from them so that I may review their products and blog my opinion on them. So here I am!
Now, what I got with the $50 was (1) 14 foot polyester white table skirt, (4) of their new white satin universal chair covers, and (1) each of 14" x 108" silver satin and lavender satin table runners.
So let's start. The picture above is 2 different chairs. One is a wooden folding chair, and the other is a rounded top dining room table chair. The following picture is the side view of the folding chair with the satin universal chair cover.

Then a picture of it from the back.
Next is the side view of the larger chair..........

....and from the back. So as you can see, they truly are universal. I love the satiny material! I only bought 4 for the head table.
These are some sashes I bought from the $50 was offered to me. Above it is tied in a bow.......
......and here in a simple knot. I can't wait to decorate the real thing!!!! 7 months-6 days and counting!
These are the table runners......same color on the lavender sash as on this table runner. I also received this silver one, but it seems to look kinda white in the pic.
Here it's draped across my coffee table, but tons of material hanging off the sides, of course! It will look much better when it's steamed and wrinkle free ( they also sell a portable steamer at which I am planning to purchase). =)
Here's a close up of this very pretty material. Feel free to click on the pic for a closer look.
And last but not least, here is my humongous white polyester table skirt. It is constructed so well! And the pleating is awesome! I don't know if you've ever seen pics of people's wedding tables where the pleats around their skirt are kinda pleh......well, the pleats on these babies are sharp and defined....and pretty stiff. So I know it's gonna look great at our "pleh" here! I happy with's products? Well, duh! I wouldn't keep going back for more if I wasn't! And not only the quality...but the price!!!! I have SCOURED the internet to find something less expensive, but my searching always leads me back to Always! They are constantly having special deals, daily twitter contests, and are currently adding more to their inventory and doing their best to make their site the best that it can be....for who? For me and you, of course! Us future Mrs's. (lol) So if you're looking for great, affordable linens.....even rather than renting.....I highly recommend If not for them, I'd be having "like-linen" tablecloths......thank you Linen Tablecloth!

Oh, and reading this back....I realize I sound like a fricken' commercial, but I swear......I'm not getting paid to say these things. I had their permission to write my true opinion on their products.....good or bad. And this IS the most inexpensive place I've found for linens. I love 'em!


  1. They look great! Nice finds! I really like the sash tied in a bow.

  2. Awesome! We also bought our own linens. Isn't it crazy how it's cheaper to buy linens than rent them? Those rental companies really like to rip people off.

  3. That's awesome you found a great deal! I like it tied in the bow too, very pretty!

  4. I love the shade of purple you've chosen for the wedding and I think the head table's chairs are going to look fabulous! How annoying that your venue makes you provide table linens, but a good thing you found such a great resource to solve the problem.

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  6. I agree with Mrs. Tortolita that it's more advisable to buy linens that to rent them. Rented are usually used, therefore might have stains on them and some of them are really hard to remove.