Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ReCaps- DIY Bouquet and Boutonniere

In this next collage you will find my DIY bouquet and DIY boutonniere.
The bouquet had a blend of silk dark purple flowers, brooch pieces, feathers, and various handmade flowers from different materials. I also made pom pom "dandelions" from yarn which you will later see incorporated into other decor. I made the handle wrap from a small lace cloth table runner I found at a generic dollar store. I cut it in half, then folded that in half, then wrapped it around the base. I then added a wide ribbon at the base of the flowers, and crisscrossed a thin decorative ribbon along the handle. I used a "silk bouquet foam top" handle.....it had fake stems built in. You just add silk flowers. To make it cost me about $20. This was not my throw away bouquet. The throw away was real flowers.....the ONLY real flowers that were in any part of our day. I'll have pics of that in a later post.
My "something borrowed" was the dragonfly pin at the top of the handle that I borrowed from my mom.
I made the picture charms (my first and only attempt at these thus far) which included, from top to bottom, my husband's mom (who passed away almost 2 years ago), my father's mom, and my mother's mom. I REALLY love the way these came out! I feel it's my best project ever. Maybe because it's such a sentimental thing.
You know, handmade "fake" flower bouquets are not for everyone. We all have our preferences, likes, dislikes and attitudes & such. When I first told my sister that I was making a bouquet from fake flowers (I already knew she had attitude against fake flowers) she scoffed. When she finally saw it on my wedding day, she said, "I take it all back". That made me smile. Not that I really cared what people thought. After all, it was MY wedding, and MY bouquet and I wanted things MY way. But like I said, I know that everyone has their own preferences, and I don't think anyone should be knocking other people just because they don't like the same thing they like. Individuality.........it's part of what makes life so fun! OK....so let's continue.
I made bouts for my Mr., my dad, and our ring bearer. They're all basically the same with the exception that the ring bearer's is smaller, and my Mr.'s has a little something extra in it.
My mom's corsage was on the last post I shared.

pictures taken by: Sweet As Pie Weddings


  1. These are so beautiful! You should defintiely feel very proud. I love the photo mementos on your bouquet.

  2. That bouquet looked like it was alot of work and well worth it too. It looked beautiful.