Thursday, July 15, 2010

My DIY Pinwheels To Top The Kid's Pencils

I wanted to add some more fun to the activity booklets I had made for the kids attending our reception, and decided to put pinwheels on top of the pencils I had bought for them. I think the pictures say it all as far as my process went.

I used some pretty thick double sided card stock. But I think thinner paper will work just as well.
Make sure your hole on your hole punch is smaller than the head on your pin. (see #7)
The (4) hole punches will go on the straight cut edge. Of course, you can also always skip the zigzagged side and just keep all lines straight. I just did the zigzag for an added pizazz.

I actually ended up gluing the four pieces together.....putting a dab of glue stick around each hole as I folded each down..........then held in place for a few moments......

I know the pencil doesn't exactly match up with the paper that well (pencil is actually dark purple, but looks brown in pics) but that's ok. It just makes it all that more fun! =)
I also need to concoct a way to make 2 of these pinwheel pencils without actual pins for our two smaller kids. All the rest of the kids are over 10. I'm working on it!
And here it is with the activity booklet and the pillow box I made for the crayons. The pillow box actually just started off as an experiment. I was originally going to just tie some crayons together with ribbon, but then thought that I wanted to put them in some sort of container instead. I tried a few different things, then when I began the pillow box, there was no stopping me. I made them all without a single pic being taken. =(
But I'll make one more for tutorial sake.....soon.
I love the way all the papers match.
I'm still trying to think of some more ideas for the kids. Any thoughts?


  1. Cute idea! They'll love them! Giving each kid a little candy favor would also be a big hit.

  2. Hi welcome back. Cool idea for the pencil toppers. I just bought aqua and teal pencils for the puzzles and ties each bundle of rayons with ribbon. Pics to come soon.

  3. these are so adorable! great idea!

  4. I love this idea - the kids are going to love you for putting so much thought into entertainment for them!

  5. If you want a safer alternative to pins, then just get some brads. After you push the ends through, they fold out to hold the pinwheel together and the ends are not as sharp as a pin.

  6. Too sweet Erratt Family! Thank you....great idea!

  7. Adorable! the kids will flip for those!! what a great idea!