Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Will Be Selling..........after

One of my wonderful readers (Amanda) asked what I will be selling after the wedding. I don't exactly know EVERYTHING I'll be selling right off the top of my head, but here are a few things that I can think of right now.
my dress
fabric tablecloths (round and rectangular) lavenders and purples
table runners (gosh, I think they're white)
fabric napkins
centerpiece parts
some of the signs I made
photo booth props
bird cage card holder
veil (which I decided not to wear after all)
unused garters
pretty pom pom decor
16" paper lanterns
4 white chair covers with lavender sashes
plastic pitchers (purple and clear)
glass salt & pepper shakers
hand made bouquet (maybe)
flower girl dress (if she doesn't thrash it!)

Of course when I officially post they will include pictures. If there's anything you think you might be interested in, and would like to see pics, just let me know -belsilva64(at)yahoo(dot)com - and I will do my best to send some pics your way. I'll try and give you a quote on what I think I may sell it/them for also. You will need to leave me your email though.


  1. We're working on making a fauxtobooth so I may be interested in your props!

  2. did y ou ever sell your bouquet. how much do you charge to make one like yours